Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring An Accountant

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Legislators twist and change tax laws almost every year, leaving the average individual scratching his head when confused with financial decisions such as selling an investment property or claiming a tax rebate for a home office. Good accounting firms stay updated on the new tax laws and offer financial solutions to help individuals and small businesses develop budgets and plan financial goals. Whether you need help with weekly payroll or just want someone for reliable tax advice, working with an accounting firm is advisable.

Working with the right accountant is essential for personal, business, or tax purposes. The results of having a poor accountant onboard are too large for an individual or company to simply go with whatever person a friend or family member is working with. There are several factors to consider when beginning the process of searching for the right person for you. 

To help you find a qualified company you can trust to help keep your finances and accounting up-to-date, here is a list of the top five things to look for when hiring an accountant.

1. Solid reputation
Ask around for recommendations for competent accountants in your area. The ones with a solid reputation are more likely to stand out. You can also hit the online space for accountants in your area and scroll through online reviews about their services to influence your selection. You might be directed towards a good accountant working alone, or you might find recommendations of a collective group in a larger accounting company that offers a range of financial services. Based on what best fits your needs, go with the one that makes the most sense. 

2. Protect a client’s best interest
Your accountant is going to be an important member of your team. As such, you don’t want to hire an accountant who is reserved and isn’t much of a team player. The biggest reason why you would want to work with an accountant is that they should have your best interests in mind, even if it requires them to step out of their comfort zone. 

3. Proactive financial and tax planning
You should work with a proactive accountant. They should take the time to check-in at regular intervals and keep a pulse on how the business is progressing, as opposed to waiting to hear from you. A thorough grasp of the industry and understanding the client’s business will help the accountant be proactive in financial and tax planning.

4. Reasonable service fee
Billing is an important topic to discuss, so don’t hesitate to ask about their service fees. Do they bill per hour? Does the accountant offer bundled services priced as a package? Service fees can vary based on region or specialization. Other accounting firms work on a monthly retainer. Look for an accountant who charges a reasonable service fee for their services. 

5. Excellent communication and easy to work with
How long does your accountant take to respond to your calls and messages? If you’re waiting for several days for a response from your accountant, you probably must look elsewhere. The last thing you want is to receive a penalty because of a communication delay from your accountant. It will help if they are also easy to work with. 

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